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About iSSUK

Infrared Security Solutions (hereinafter referred to as iSSUK) is a UK company that has been successfully designing and manufacturing LWIR uncooled thermal imaging cameras and systems based on the latest European technology since 2004.


iSSUK believes that Innovation comes through listening to and solving the problems and requirements of the end user. To this end iSSUK continually invests in R&D and working with some of the world’s foremost Thermal, Software and Optical engineers.

Our products provide an unrivalled performance and capability and we are consistently setting new standards for equipment by introducing new features and facilities not found on other equipment, with a proven record for reliability and low through life costs.




The Art of Versatility

iSSUK introduces the world’s first convertible Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS), the new CrosswIR2 is the only TWS that can be converted in the field from a Stand-alone TWS to Clip-on TWS or from Clip-on to Stand-alone , thus providing the end user with more versatility.

Simply by unscrewing the standard eyepiece and replacing it with the collimator optic, the CrosswIR2 can be converted from Stand-alone mode to Clip-on mode in under a minute without compromising the sealing of the CrosswIR2.


Furthermore the CrosswIR is NOT subject to US ITAR export restrictions.



The versatility of the iSSUK TapIR640 engine.

The TapIR is perfect for use in Hand Held, Weapon Sights or fixed camera applications.

The TapIR is currently the only OEM LWIR engine that uses a Military grade detector (qualified for TWS use) as standard.


Thermal Target Locators and Thermal Surveillance Cameras.


The all new AiV (Advanced imaging Viewer) Thermal Target Loccator series of cameras complements the TiV2 (Thermal imaging Viewer) range of Thermal surveillance cameras and takes covert surveillance/target acquisition to another level, with 5 sensors in one camera. The new AiV is the lightest (with an all up weight of less than 1.85Kg, its over 0.75Kg lighter than its nearest rival) and smallest in its class.

The AiV incorporates the very latest TAPIR Core technology based on the new ULIS Gen2+ 640x480/17µm sub 40mK detector, this coupled to our fast f/1 optics makes it the most sensitive Thermal Target Locator in its class. The AiV comes complete with built-in Thermal channel, Day/low light CCD camera, LRF, GPS and Digital Compass, optional Image Stabilisation, optional laser pointer and optional on board recording. The AiV has an exceptionally fast start up time of <3 Seconds and our innovative; simple Twist & Go (T&G) battery packs and comes with both a rechargeable pack and an alternative T&G converter pack for use with two 3.6Vdc D-Cells or 6 AA lithium batteries.





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